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OSCAR scented candles are completely handmade in Belgium by real candle experts. We use only the best ingredients and ecological plant based wax. Our scented candles have wooden or cotton wicks; the wooden blades give a slight crackling sound. We also provide the opportunity to refill your candles, because we care about sustainability and reusability! 

Every candle that you buy is unique, because they are all different (the jar and the skin). Every candle is hand made, and it shows. No machines involved here!

The scents that we use always match the seasons. You feel safe and secure and all your senses will be stimulated. The wax we use in our candles and refills is quite refined and is completely plant based. 

What makes wooden wicks interesting?

Aesthetically, we love the soft glow that wooden wicks emit; the flames appear fuller, and thus more beautiful. The subtle crackling sounds that you can hear whilst they are burning are pleasant for most people, but some prefer the comfortable silence of a cotton wick. Wood also tends to slightly reduce the amount of soot produced. We believe that the wooden wick candles are a wonderful and unique alternative to your regular candles.

Seductive for men and women alike

Our candles have a slightly rougher appearance than what you may be used to. The main reason for that is because we work with concrete candleholders and the most exotic and tough cowhides. The perfect gift for a man, for sure, but the ladies are also crazy about these candles! Lovers of fluff can get excited about our sheep- and rabbitskin candles.

Mind you, no animal died to make these candles! Instead of burning the skins discarded at the butcher's, whilst polluting the air, we in stead turn them into something beautiful.

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