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Made in Belgium

Our candles are made with passion in our own candle factory in the Belgian countryside. Our love for rough nature translates into the use of concrete pots, mouth blown glass by real craftsmen and tough wooden wicks (these give a cozy crackling sound and burn just a little bit livelier and longer than the classic cotton wicks). 

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What is our mission?

We simply want to make the best possible quality candles at an affordable price. But most of all, we want to make you happy with a product that stimulates all of your senses. Your vision is treated to our beautiful design and the sparkling fire. And thanks to our fragrances and the lovely crackling sound from our wooden wicks, your smell and hearing will be overcome with pleasant sensations.

A Story of Passion for Quality

After training as an economist and a career as a trader, I made a rather remarkable career switch. With OSCAR candles I try to link elements from my previous hectic life to the pure, warm and creative.

This created a brand with a luxurious and raw side but with a beating warm heart. Made by people with a passion, for people with a passion.

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